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Ferruccio Fanciullacci

Ferruccio Fanciullacci, a girlfriend of girls fanciullacci, said dè cenciaioli. It is said that on the night of September 3, 1944, the day when he debuted the difficult stage of life, a powerful light, similar to the comet of Bethlehem, illuminated for a few moments the home of his noble family, leaving a yellow pulp, like lira, in the late summer blue sky.

At the age of two years the young Fanciullacci expresses himself with the appropriate language,
sometimes bumped.
Asylum now excels in humanities.

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by Ferruccio Fanciullacci and Davide Venturi

Sunday evening, closing time. But only for customers, because the table set at a couple of steps from the piano is all-rounded: four covered, a bottle of prosecco stuffed in a bucket filled with ice and a sanguinary egg already sealed. Today is its 60th birthday and the restaurant, as well as watching its rest break, is closed for holidays ...


by Ferruccio Fanciullacci

What if closing your eyes could you cross the threshold of Paradise? Would you imagine it? Perhaps you would be amazed and at the same time disappointed as Mario, the protagonist of this story. The author gives a surreal landscape in which the enchanted gardens of the afterlife give way to open landfills, St. Peter seems to be a "clerk clerk" and the angels are not candy beesused by blonde bushes and blue eyes. And Jesus is just a son who has not yet made peace with his dad ...


by Ferruccio Fanciullacci and Michele Pompei

It was a morning of 1903 and in the small apartment of the Fanciullacci family the confusion reigned sovereign. That day, Donatello, who had left Prato at the end of the century to try luck as a waiter in Bologna, was feverishly searching for a copy of the purchase contract he had signed two weeks earlier, noting the walls of a room destined to become one of the most glorious and longevity restaurants in the city ...

My story

Elementary schools embrace nihilistic thinking, with some romantic enthusiasm, so it enters into a brief, intense, existentialist period. The landing in the middle schools coincides with the abandonment of the weird school world; so it decides to focus on naif self-formation.
For three years she attends the school of the great publicist Sepo, then takes distances from the figurative and philosophical arts to shed light on singing, to become the voice leader of the VERDONI MANGIASASSI. He even becomes a composer and achieves the well-deserved success with two pieces that have come to the fullest in the Italian music tradition: LA BALLATA DEL LEBBROSO and VECCHIA MONDANA.
But he is not yet satisfied, his artistic spirit pushes him towards new horizons, he leads him into the world of celluloid. He becomes a cinematographer signing two milestones of the big screen: The Lord of the Souls and SISMA, A DISASTER OF SUCCESS, films in which he also extrinsic his actor skills.
Devastated by intellectual affliction, she decides very young, that it is time to shape her body: becoming a star of the neighborhood's physical culture, ending even on books devoted to the subject.
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