From 1903 to today ...

Since 1903 the best Bolognese culinary specialties in the center of Bologna

The Donatello Restaurant is run by the Fanciullacci family and is located in Bologna via Augusto Righi, 8.
From the liberty charm, it welcomes you in a rich history where culture and good living blend in Bolognese culinary art.
The menu is made up of many specialties such as typical local appetizers, mortadella, tortelloni, tortellini, tagliatelle, baked lasagna, home desserts, all accompanied by a rich wine list.
In the kitchen of Donatello there have been great chefs who for over a century have delighted the palates of many good gusto, among which there are many artists and real celebrities. This glorious tradition has never been interrupted, as evidenced by the extraordinary photo gallery on the walls of the restaurant, populated by nearly a thousand autographed portraits.

The Donatello, born in 1903 and handled with care and dedication by the Fanciullacci Family who handed it over from father to son.
The liberty style, the elegance of the tables, the antique furnishings and the richly painted ceilings make it a jewel of historical and cultural interest, and if you enjoy the atmosphere you will look like Carducci or D'Annunzio amusingly chatting at the table .

But what can such a restaurant offer, attended by many vipers and not, to families?
Too much, starting with the courtesy and hospitality of Mrs. Katia and her husband Ferruccio (that some kids have traded for a distant relative of Santa Claus), from the reception reserved to the little ones by the dishes of the dishes and much more to discover.

Historic Bolognese restaurant

In Bologna, in the center, since 1903, there is an unheard of place since the time passed. The restaurant has always been run by the Fanciullacci family, was opened at the beginning of the last century by Donatello, who named the restaurant and is still managed with the same passion, professionalism and care from its descendants.
Here everything is as it was, the liberty setting with wooden flooring, mirrors, lamps and red walls envelop the customer, delivering it in a unique and seductive atmosphere.
Our cuisine has remained faithful to the purest Bolognese gastronomic tradition, has a ritual attention to the selection of raw materials and season. The first dishes, a triumph of taste for each palate, are still hand-made by the precious art of sfogline, then the meats, boiled and boiled meats that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmet.

A restaurant where taste, smell and sight are called to rediscover the details of a culinary tradition of excellence and make it one of the historic places in Bologna.
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Fresh Pasta and Typical Dishes

The menu of the Donatello Restaurant is rich in proposals from traditional Bolognese cuisine such as mortadella, tortelloni and tortellini, all accompanied by excellent wines from the selected cellar of the restaurant.
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