Our kitchen

In Bologna, excellent traditional dishes
of Bolognese cuisine

In Bologna, Donatello Restaurant is a place of excellence that since 1903 prepares typical dishes of Bolognese cuisine.
Our menu is rich in proposals from traditional local cuisine and includes dishes ranging from the first hand made to the second of meat, ranging from typical local appetizers to homemade sweets.
The kitchen has remained the one of the Bolognese tradition with soups and seconds all classic but refined.
Here delicacy and elegance are a way of being, not only in the kitchen, but also in service and furnishings.

Also, the most unforgettable specialties of the area are to be felt.

* The Donatello Restaurant daily offers several dishes out of the menu.
* We also offer dishes for Celiaci and Vegetarians.

Typical Bolognese dishes

Would you like to discover the authentic taste of Bolognese cuisine?

In the rich menu of the Donatello Restaurant you can choose from a wide range of dishes to satisfy different types of palate.
Our kitchen can also satisfy the most demanding palates.
Also our restaurant you can ask for c
eliaci dishesand vegetarian.

Hand made fresh pasta:
• Emilian starters (mixed salami with Reggiano Parmesan cheese)
• mortadella and grain
• julienne of mushrooms
• bresaola
• parma ham aged 24 months
• noodles
• Bermuda grass
• tortelloni
• risotto
• pass them
• Close to Romagnola / Balsamic Vinegar
• All types of grilled meat
• Bolognese cutlet / Donatello
• stracetti
• vinegar / pepper / grilled fillets
• cutlet at Milan
• boiled strictly in winter

Lasagne and hand-made tortellini,the heart of taste in Bologna

In Bologna, the Donatello Restaurant offers the best dishes of the Bolognese tradition.

Our rich and varied menu of specialties ranges from first to desserts, including typical local appetizers and succulent seconds, and bringing daily baked lasagna, boiled noodles, and ragout soups.

Discover all of our delicacies in our presentation gallery!

Sweets of the house

To make the most of a lunch or dinner, the restaurant offers a wide choice of delicious home desserts.
Typical desserts are:
  • English soup
  • tenerine with mascarpone
  • creme caramel
  • panna cotta
  • tiramisu
  • ice cream
  • sorbets
  • seasonal fruit

Our wine cellar

Our well-stocked wine list features a selection of over 100 regional, national and international wine labels.

Our experienced and friendly staff will be able to advise you the perfect wine to accompany your meal and to enhance the taste of every meal.

Our wine cellar offers a large quantity of wine labels, rosé, sparkling wine and champagne.
Discover our delicious dishes of the Bolognese tradition,calling +39 051 235438.
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